Pre war rebetis

Traces in Greek tradition!

Stavrakas Shadow puppet
Of the question :"What were the characteristics in behavior and style of the pre-war rebeti?" we may find a unique answer , in the Greek tradition of shadow puppetry, and in one of its main characters; Stavrakas.

Its being said that, inside satire someone can find hidden truths.
Here is some information, I collected from numerous sources on the Internet:

"Stavrakas (Σταύρακας), whose puppet is the only one with a long independent arm, like Karagiozis, shows that his character can create fights and skirmishes. He has his own unique concept of honor and bravery. He is honest, brave, forthright, and he does not mince his words.

He is the "rebetis" of the early 20 's - a rebel, and sometimes he pretends to be the tough guy. He is always carrying pistols and knives with him, but he hides them when he sees his mother in law who he is afraid of.He only dances zeibekiko and he lives with the illusion thinking that women adore him. Sometimes, he thinks that he is an attractive husband candidate for women who want to get married (even though he is married himself) and most of the times that leads to a catastrophe.

The figure was introduced by Giannis Moros from Piraeus. Dressed a little outlandishly, he has quite a dashing appearance and he is always in trouble. He comes from Syros Island but he is a real Piraeus lad. He represents the "guy" who is proud of himself, but he is not always so brave.

Stavrakas appears sometimes as a tough guy and other times as a psefto-magkas, depending on whether the artist wants to satirize the category of man. With the vest and jacket hanging on a shoulder, the rosary, the crabs and the knife in the girdle, he was once a lively form, wandering around drug dens and rebetika hangouts.

He is also a fiery type, not the romantic and artistic temperament type as Sior Dionysius, but as the tough guy, the marginal, who takes the law in his own hands. He represents the "mangas" culture prevalent in Piraeus and the Rebetiko tradition"


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