Poll results.

And the final order!

I would like to take the opportunity and express my gratitude to the friends of this blog, who participated on last week's poll, giving their feedback regarding style and design of the pre-war era bouzouki instrument.

The results revealed as a winner the design #3 followed by the design #8.
It would be appropriate to mention that both of these designs have similarities in style as:
1.The simple pick guard made by rosewood.
2.Absence of any kind of decoration on the sound board.
3.Trim fillets made by wood
4.The tear/pear shape of the bowl

After a small research and contacting with some sources, I collected the information that, after the 1920s only few bouzouki instruments where carrying the round sound hole with the carved wooden rosette.Example of this information the 1923 bouzouki made by Dimitris Gretsis, as long as, with bouzoukia made by Emmanouil Kopeliadis and Panaguris Panagis)

The design #3 resembles bouzouki instruments made the period of 1915-1920s, with a small round sound hole shape, a carved wooden rosette, fillets with wooden marquetry (as the ones created by the famous Anastasio Sthathopoulo in NY, Karabas, George Evagelides and Dimitris Mourtzinos).

Bouzouki with butterfly design similar to A.Stathopoulos instrument

The design #8 is more close to the 1935-1940s style, carrying an oval shape sound hole, simple line trim fillets around the sound hole and soundboard, reminding us the Markos Vamvakaris bouzouki made by the famous luthier Onnik Tsakirian.

Bouzouki with wood decoration similar to Onnik Tsakirian instrument

Through your vote in this poll, I was able to eliminate all other attempts and focus only in two designs, making my final decision much easier.The final design incorporates some elements from the 1920s and 1940s era.The journey for the creation of the pre-war sweet trixordo sound, will start at the beginning of February 2011, by the hands of Giannis Tsoulogiannis.

It would be a pretermission if I would not state that, great inspiration for all my pre-war designs, were bouzouki instruments created by the luthiers : Giannis Tsoulogiannis, Giorgos Karellas and Nikos Fronimopoulos.


  1. Καλησπέρα φίλε και καλή συνέχεια !!!


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