The 1940s-1950s style

A second most favorite!
As I am waiting the green light from Giannis, to start making my pre-war trichordo bouzouki, I though to share with the friends of my blog, the second most favorite design.

1940s trichordo bouzouki:Created by SDimis

Inspired, by the beautiful sound hole marquetry of 1923 Gretsi bouzouki, and the wooden fillets of an undated Kopeliadis instrument.

The design on pick guard follows a common theme of the 1940s era with a butterfly and flowers. The pick guard itself, made by rosewood (pallisandros)
Dimensions of the bowl:38.5 cm length, and 25.5 cm max width.

The design is been rejected, after a lot of though, since this style of pick guard decoration, is more close to 1940s-1950s period. A very well balanced instrument in aesthetics, which I hope, the luthier will bring to life in a future order.


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