Waiting for the pre-war bowl

An amateur song woke me up.

As the beautiful amber color, old mulberry wood staves, have been cut by Giannis, and before the luthier starts to form my pre-war trixordo bowl, I woke up with new lyrics stock in my head, which pushed me to grab my tetraxordo bouzouki and create another amateur song, in a couple of hours.

It will need a little more tweaking in music, as the main idea and "motivo" steps on similar path of my latest amateur song.

I hope, as the time is passing, my inspiration in writing music and lyrics will find its way up again to the surface, as it used to happen more than 25 years ago.

I recorded a very quick sample to share it with all of you.



  1. Φίλε μου αξίζεις χίλια μπράβο για το μεράκι σου!!!


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