Ancestors of the pre-war bouzouki

When bouzouki was still in hybrid form!

At the same time, Giannis informed me that my trixordo bouzouki construction will start next week, a great conversation has started in Rebetiko forum, regarding the pre-war bouzouki sound, and its ancestors.

"O Γαλατάς" 1895 by Lytras.

Karabas workshop in NY , 1911

Milanos Cafe in Pilio, and his bouzouki, 1895

Eυτυχισμένα γεράματα" by Emmanuel N. Koumeli, 1899

Karabas luthier, somewhere in 1900

Bouzoukia of 1900, from the book "Road to Rembetika" to Gail Holst

Cafe Katsaneba in Utah 1910-1915

Stefanos Milanos family and his bouzoukia, 1935

My final pre-war bouzouki design, has obvious influences from the pictures above, and it will carry some of its ancestors' characteristics.


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