Back on speed

First look at the final mulberry color!

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity, and express appreciation, to the friends of this blog, who participated at the last week's poll. The absolute majority of the voters, agree at the fact that, Traditional Lutherie is an exceptional form of Art.

Today, I received by the luthier, four additional photos from the construction progress. Returning to work, Giannis was able to sand and scrap inside-out the mulberry bowl, select very old woods of Rosewood & Honduras' Cedar, for the creation of my instrument's neck, and choose the AAA master grade spruce wood, which will be use for the creation of the pre-war style soundboard.

As you can see in one of the photos, the luthier marked the outline shape of the rosewood pick guard design, just lower of the pre-war style, round shape sound-hole.

To fulfill my curiosity, the luthier sent me a photo after spilling alcohol on top of the mulberry staves, so I can have a better idea, regarding the beautiful amber color that the trixordo bowl will get, at the end of the bouzouki construction.


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