Happy Holidays!

Finding the time, to re-design!

During these troubled economic times, the message of resurrection offers a great spirit of renewal and rejoicing to all of us.
Faith, traditions, and strong family values, will always remain the shield and the oasis in difficult moments of our lives.

A small sprain angle accident, during these Easter holidays, and the need of complete immobility, gave me the opportunity and the free time, to re-create the design of last week's concept trixorda. Some more successful than others, all ideas have been listed below.

Natural abalone strips, around the sound-hole, and natural abalone for the pickguard's flowers.Trims created by white plastic and abalone imitation.

Flower shape, natural abalone decoration on sound-hole, over dark rosewood , and natural abalone trims around the pickguard and the sound-board.

Maple wood and rosewood, for the decoration of sound-hole and pickguard.Trims around the soundboard created by white plastic and natural wood.


  1. Yasoo Spyro,

    Xronia Polla -- Xristos Anesti!!

    Hope everything is fine! All the designs you upload are amazing!! Number a4 and a6 are very "classy".

    Although they are not suitable for a Middle-war (!!!! - Mesopolemou) era bouzouki you are making, they are wonderful!

    Keep on

    All best wishes,

  2. Thank you very much Fotis.

    yes, you are right.
    These designs are not suitable to a pre-war era, bouzouki style. I was just playing around with materials and aesthetics, for two concept designs I created at an earlier post regarding the basic principals of bouzouki decoration.

    Na sai kala


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