The extra mile

And the beginning of curiosity & anticipation!

Giannis sent me today 3 more photos, after shaping the headstock (karavola) and connecting it to the instrument's neck.

It is very pleasant to see, luthier's willingness, for the extra mile, beyond customer's request and desire.

By looking closer the recent photos, I discovered the creation of a very fine pair of trims across the fret board, and a beautiful combination of Tortoise Shell Imitation, and light wood trims, at the side of the neck, where it connects to the fret board. I also noticed the existence of a very thin, beautiful trim made by Tortoise Shell Imitation, at the soundboard's boarder, outside of the wooden marquetry.
All above elements created by the luthier, to achieve a more robust aesthetic result.

During my visit to Giannis birth town last month, the luthier had mentioned, in a joking way that, this pre-war trixordo, when finished, will conquer my heart and mind. To the point that I will forget to play my tetraxordo bouzouki.
I replied back that, the particular sound of my tetraxordo bouzouki, was a result of years in research and I doubted that such a thing would happen .

I start to be very curious for the end result of this construction, and its sound.I will be extremely surprised if its sound wins my heart over the favorite sound of 50s


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