Music heals

The key to a priceless power!

The key: Created with 3D software by SDimis

A very close friend asked me last week a serious question:

"Did you ever though if this blog has a diverse purpose, by becoming the main reason of ordering more & more new instruments, from the necessity to have materials for future posts, or you feel that this blog remains simply a medium, where the passion and love for the traditional music, is been recorded through a quest of different shapes, forms and sounds?"

I answered to him, that music for me is a necessity. This is how I acknowledged, and I experienced music from a very young age. Its always been an expression of my deepest feelings, the harmony and the inner peace of my soul, a melody of intangible frequencies with redemptive powers. And that is why music for me is a healer!

The art of instrument making, has the power to implement this essential nature and power of music.
No, I am not rich.I do not maintain a blog just from an egoistic syndrome, to show to others my economical capability to possess musical instruments.

In a tough economy as we are all experiencing these days, a couple of thousand dollars every time I order a new instrument, is a non-negligible amount of money.

But the benefit I am accruing from the process of a musical instrument's creation, starting from research deep and back in time, to the endless forms of design concepts, to the final implementation of the instrument's construction, and to the production of a beautiful sound full of harmony, is simply priceless.


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