Drawings from the past.

Tampouro-tzourades: Created by SDimis (c) 2011

Waiting the luthier to finish the application of varnish, with the difficult and time consuming technique of "Gomolaka with mpala", I started flirting more and more with the idea, of ordering, a custom instrument inspired by Yovan Tsaous unique instruments.
In the past, I had designed unsuccessfully some tampouro-tzourades, during my research on making an oriental tzoura.

Looking back, inside my electronic drawer, I found some uncompleted designs with a lot of similarities to Tsaous instruments, which never saw the light of a post.

The first, designed with a bowl made from old rosewood and mulberry wood, wooden rosettes, bone and Indian mahogany fillets around the soundboard, Indian mahogany pick guard, and metallic tuning machines on headstock.

The second, designed with a bowl made from Greek walnut and mulberry wood, mother of pearl rosettes, Greek walnut for pick guard, cedar wood for soundboard, and wooden tuning machines on headstock.

Tampouro-tzourades: Created by SDimis (c) 2011


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