As the sound matures

I escaped to a Cuban restaurant!

Giannis informed today that the sound of my pre-war trichordo bouzouki, matures week after week, as its construction bonds and cures.

I am waiting with great anticipation the day, it will reach the final destination. But, after receiving last year, my first tetraxordo bouzouki, I am now confident, that the quality of its sound will surprise me for one more time!

On another note, as this past weekend the temperature had created a tropical environment in S.Florida, I decided, to dine on a Cuban traditional restaurant, and enjoy delicious traditional dishes of Churrasco with tamales, white rise (arroz blanco ), back beans (frijoles negros) sweet plantains ( platano maduro), satisfying our thirst with Jugo de Sandia (watermelon juice)

I could not resist to not post a photo I took from the restaurant, showing the clever pattern of the locals, to substitute the wooden fins of the ceiling fans, with individual electric fans, which they were blowing cold air, spinning at the same time around the main fan's axis.


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