Secrets in the "House of Stathopoulos"

Part II !

"House of Stathopoulos" style bouzouki: Created by SDimis (c) 2011

As the research at the "House of Stathopoulos" regarding the four course bouzouki, continues , I am becoming more and more fascinated with the beautiful craftsmanship by the famous luthier.

From the luthier's catalog, which Giannis Tsoulogiannis has in his possession , under the section of strings we read :

"For the thin ones ( 1st and 3rd ) use reel (karela) N.1
For the thick ones, ( Mpourganes) , use for each 0.05 Cent
For Zili use reel (karela) N.000 "

A.Stathopoulos bouzoukia, characterized by their similarities to the Neapolitan mandolin's construction.

The angle of convergence of the side staves with the soundboard, the one-piece neck and neckblock, the shape of the headstock, the cranked soundboard, the shape and the decoration of the pickguard, often remind us Neapolitan back bowl mandolins. (

Due to their small scale, ( just under 64 cm from bridge to headstock bone) A.Stathopoulos bouzoukia often called miso-bouzouka

In a maelstrom of designs, I find myself flirting with the idea of ​​ordering , an exact copy of A Sathopoulos bouzouki, with precise specification, size and style.

At the same time , I am discussing
with the luthier Tasos Theodorakis, the final details regarding the construction of the hybrid bouzouki from 1880s era. Its unique design and all structural elements , need to be carefully analyzed and designed, so they can deliver the desirable sound.


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