A hot summer

Postpones the delivery!

Unrevealed, Created by SDimis

After talking to the luthier, I finally decided to postpone the delivery of my pre-war style trichordo, for another 2 months, until the beginning of October.
This extension, will give to the instrument's construction, the necessary time to be bound and cured, and the high summer temperatures to be avoided during shipment.

These days, the temperature climbs to the mid 90s, and the humidity rises at extreme levels, as heavy tropical sun showers occur almost every day.

A lot of responsibilities this past week, gave me no time, to finalize the design of my next unique project.
I will keep its design a surprise, giving as a hint that, this trixordo bouzouki will be inspired by the Ancestors of the pre-war bouzouki (era going back before 1900s),when the instrument was still in hybrid form!


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