The four course Tzouras

Concept design!

Kitharotzourado: Concept design created by SDimis (c) 2011

Tzouras usually constructed as a three course instrument. The tradition and philosophy of tzoura, wants its body to be stringed and tuned as trichordo bouzouki.

In my attempt to create a four course tzoura, I created a concept design of my kitharo-tzourado (guitar-tzouras), as I like to call it. The neck is a little shorter than the four course bouzouki, due to its longer body, which is a combination of tzoura and guitar shape with a flat back. It carries three sound holes, and a floral design of MOP on the pick guard.

I have the intention, in my future attempts, to create a body which isn't completely flat, but at the moment I am facing technical problems constructing such an idea.

Your feedback as always is welcome.


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