Trichordo VS Tetrachordo

Two different instruments!

I recently understood, the point of view three-course bouzouki players have, when they say that the pre-war three course bouzouki was a completely different instrument in comparison to the four course bouzouki.

Cause for this unexpected realization was the delivery of my pre-war trichordo bouzouki (created also by the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis), which after a long anticipation reached its final destination a few days ago.

Having two bouzouki instruments from the same maker (a four and a three course) made the comparison between them, much easier, and the detection of their differences much more noticeable.

The three course bouzouki, looks, feels, plays and sounds, as a completely different instrument.
From its weight, to its neck's width, to its playability and its sound quality, this three course pre-war bouzouki meant to change my opinion once and for all.

Being a four course bouzouki player, performing on a three course bouzouki for the first time after 20 plus years was not an easy task.
But my tetrachordo (four-course) bouzouki, characterized by its strong, vibrant, and impressive sound felt short when the sweet full of chap, woody tone of my trichordo( three-course) sounded on me hands for first time.


  1. Άσε τη θεωρία ρε μαγκίτη και ρίξε κανα βιντεάκι να γουστάρουμε το τρίχορδο, να δούμε και πως ωρίμασε ο ήχος...

  2. Αγαπητε Πικινε,

    Εντος εβδομαδας θα ηχογραφησω

  3. Το τριχορδα κλαινε,εχουν ψυχη...ειναι "αγια οργανα"


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