The Politiko bowl

And the odd placing of fillets!

Tasos Theodorakis sent me today the long anticipated photos, of the Politiko bouzouki process, and its unique bowl.

Its long, tear-shape design, the beautiful old Greek mulberry woods, and the detailed work by the luthier, created a beautiful visual outcome.

After a long discussion with Tasos, we decided to separate the staves in an odd way (fillets every 1 stave , every 2 staves, every 1 stave etch), creating the illusion of 13 and not 19 staves which really the Politiko bowl is carrying

Our attempt was, to create a bowl very close to the old "tampouroeidi" design, frequently been used at the first hybrid bouzouki constructions.


  1. Θα καψει καρδουλες αυτο το οργανο.....εμενα αρχισε να καιγεται σαν ειδα το σχημα του.....Πανεμορφο θα γινει!!!

  2. Na sai kala Dimitri!

    Pragmati to bouzouki afto einai isws apo ta pio agapimena mou. Exei polles idaiterotites....Kai o talantoyxos Tasos, exei valei poly meraki kai agapi, gia ti dimiourgia aftou tou bouzoukiou.

    Epete sunexeia!

  3. Το σκάφος είναι σκέτο αριστούργημα! Μπράβο του Τάσου!

    ΥΓ Και που σαι Ντίμη: όταν έρθει η ώρα, μικρόφωνο! Μη ξεχνιόμαστε, έτσι;! :-)

  4. Na sai kala file Pikine,

    Den exw ksexasei apla exw mpleksei!


  5. Πανέμορφο σκαφος, φανταστικη δουλεια
    απο τον Τασο!!!!!

  6. Na sai kala Dimitri! Parakolouthw tis omorfes kataskeues sou!!


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