The three course Hiotis

When the great musician met the Rebetiko!

So many articles have been written for the famous musician Manolis Hiotis (Chiotis)
His name is mostly associated to the great skill of bouzouki playing. Manolis Hiotis idea of introducing the fourth-double string (whether he was the first who applied it, or the first to imposed it), separated musicians, performers, followers and bouzouki lovers into two categories: the trichords and tetrachords. A distinction was made not only in technique, but mostly ideological.

At the following videos, someone can identify the great talent of Manolis Hiotis, years before he introduced the four course bouzouki, at the times when the talented musician, was composing masterpieces with a three course bouzouki!

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  1. Βουνό με βουνό is actually done on guitar, it seems to have been influenced by Jazz, probably most like Django Reinhardt. It would not be far fetched to believe that, Jack Halikias was a big fan of Reinhardt and Jazz, there are even home recordings of him playing Jazz, and of him with Hiotis, among others!

  2. Thank you very much for the information Aidan Chaloupka. I really appreciate it!


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