Blog's Resurrection

Revives the personal patent !

Reviving: To return to life or consciousness, to regain health, or good spirits.

Six months ago, due to family issues and limited free time, I took the decision to inactivate this blog, soon after receiving Tasos Theodorakis Politiko trichordo!

To my surprise, even after four months without posting, friends and followers of the blog, were continuing to visit its pages, and contact me through emails asking me for the progress of my latest instrument constructions.

The unfinished concept design of my kittharobouzouko, was in back of my mind all this time.
And the desire to construct such an instrument with semi-flat back and 65cm scale, came mostly from the necessity to have a very durable bouzouki, easily to be transferred around the world, stable in temperature and humidity changes, and hassle free, when left un-tuned for extended periods of time.

The guitar flat back version, of this kitharobouzouko, can be curved ,carrying staves, similar to the guitars of the baroque times!

The original design will be revised to new specifications!


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