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By a fellow blogger !

"Luthier's old shop" Created with 3D software by SDimis

A good friend of mine, and fellow blogger, visited last week Tasos' Theodorakis workshop in Thessaloniki.

He had the opportunity to take a close look of the Politiko bouzouki process, and it's unique construction!

Yesterday he kindly sent me his personal impression, and feedback.

His first remark was regarding the instrument's weight, and his surprise of how light this bouzouki is.

He was impressed by the unique bowl shape, which the Politiko bouzouki carries, and luthier's professional finish.

Finally,he pointed out that the position of the instrument's body to the player's body, resembles the position someone holds and plays a Sazi, due to the greater depth and curvature, which this instrument has, in comparison to the body of a common bouzouki.

Tasos Theodorakis promised me that during the following week, he will send me a new set of photographs, illustrating the next steps of the Politiko bouzouki construction!

Stay tuned!


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