A small glimpse from the past

Unique parameters in "Politiko" design !

 Tampouro-bouzouko. Created by S.Dimis (c) 2012

 After the kind request from friends, to reveal the concept design of the Politiko bouzouki, and in an effort to not ruin the surprise from the great instrument that Tasos Theodorakis is creating, I decided to pull out from my private gallery, and share with all the friends of this blog, another design which was one of my second favorites.

The "Politiko" bouzouki, shares the same design of rosette, the same beautiful triangular fillets of ebony and white shell, around the sound board, the same unique stave construction at the back of the neck and "xelidoni" connection design, the same shell decoration at the top of the headstock (karaolo), and a very similar design of the pick-guard.

Additionally, Tasos Theodorakis' creation will carry, the very unique Politiko bowl, a custom made fret board decoration, custom made bridge, and a custom made tail piece.

 In a conversation I had with the luthier, we decided to arrange the delivery of the instrument somewhere in the middle of October, where the humidity and temperature levels in my area, will fall drastically.

Stay tuned for more photos of the Politiko bouzouki design!


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