The oriental sound of 1880s

In a "minore taximi" !

Tasos Theodorakis, sent me today the greatly anticipated sound clip of the Politiko bouzouki.

-A clear, crisp sound of the "kantinia, with a great chap and an oriental, sweet timbre.
-A loud,deep, hoarse voice of the "mourgana"
-And a deep, banjo sliding sound, of the middle strings,
produced a unique bouzouki sound-quality, full of  traces from the tampoura family.

Maybe, we will never find out if, back in 1880s, an unknown luthier from Istanbul (Constantinople) created a similar tampouro-bouzouko which sounded very close to the one constructed by the hands of Tasos Theodorakis.
If at the coast of Asia Minor and the narrow streets of Poli, some first amanetzides played with a similar instrument, recounting the sorrows and sufferings, of a great love!

We can be sure only for one thing.
The talented luthier,Tasos Theodorakis, constructed a beautiful tampouro-bouzouko, following historical evidence, paying great attention to details, and producing a beautiful oriental bouzouki sound!

For the lovers of this special kind of bouzouki, Tasos Theodorakis keeps in his archives, 7 more unique designs of tampouro-bouzouka (some of them highly interesting), ready to be ordered. 

Taxim with minor scales played by Giorgos Minahilis.


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