When Yovan met the Politiko

Sounds of perfection!

Just a week before Tasos Theodorakis prepares and packs the Politiko bouzouki for its long trip, and after the frequent request by the followers of this blog, asking for a recording song of Yovan Tsaous, I am presenting you a clip which will transport you back to the poor neighborhoods of Piraeus during the 1930s.

When two musical instruments created with commitment to the traditional lutherie, by the talented hands of Tasos Theodorakis,
When two talented musicians , the brothers Thomas and Dimitris Gogos, met Yovan Tsaous and the Politiko bouzouki,
The atmosphere embossed by the crystal sounds of old rebetiko era...and "Εγενετο Τέχνη "( Art is being created).


  1. Όσο όμορφο είναι, τόσο όμορφο ήχο έχει !!!!!!!!

  2. Agapite Vagges2010

    To perimenw tin epomeni vdomada Kai tha grapsw ena ektenestato sxolio toso Gia tin kataskeui oso Kai Gia ton hxo tou!

    Efxaristw Gia ta kala sou logia!


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