Black top

And the Art-deco bouzouki!

Just before the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, starts to create the A/I Stathopoulos bowl, a friendly request to design a black top, Art-deco style bouzouki, brought me back to my drawing tools.

I have to admit that when I first started to play bouzouki instrument,( approx. 20 years ago), the famous black bouzouki, seen in the B & W Greek movies, played by the virtuoso Manoli Xioti, was for me the ultimate representation of beauty.

A couple of years later, I changed totally my mind regarding bouzoukia with a black top, the quality of their materials, their sound, and their overall aesthetics.

For this quick design, I used the tear shape bowl of the trichordo bouzouki, and the butterfly decoration, in an attempt to investigate if was possibly achievable, the coexistence between heavy decoration of natural shell with a black top for a trichordo bouzouki.

The attempt was greatly unsuccessful !

Black top bouzouki.Created by S.Dimis (c)2013


  1. Α ρε Σπύρο, γιατί αυτά που εσύ τα θεωρείς "greatly unsuccessful", εγώ τα βρίσκω υπέροχα.


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