Bouzouki aesthetics in practice

The road to perfection!

Few days ago I finalized the A/I Stathopoulos custom wooden rosette, by revising the shape and the thickness of the A, I & S letters.

On an earlier post I had also finalized the  instrument's pick-guard decoration, with an elaborated butterfly design created by natural sea shells.

When I placed everything together, on top of an A.Stathopoulos bouzouki outline, I realized that the butterfly design didn't follow the form of the tortoise pick-guard and the tear-shape style of the bowl.

Long time ago I had analyzed the basic aesthetic laws in the creation of a bouzouki , which in my opinion the luthier should keep in mind  to succeed an aesthetically balanced instrument.

My butterfly's wings were 'sitting' at an opposite direction of the instrument's bowl and pick-guard form. In  practice,  the aesthetics of these elements where in conflict, and the visual outcome was clearly creating an unbalanced instrument.

I had to re-design the butterfly decoration from scratch and give to the wings an opposite flow.

Looking for inspiration on the internet, my eye stopped on images of night butterflies (Nuxto-petaloudes)
Their wings have a different shape from the ones we  usually see during the day light. 

Following the direction of my pick-guard, I finally designed a night-butterfly.

Testing the two butterfly designs side by side, I verified my initial observation  and the need of a revised pick-guard.

Before and after. Laws of aesthetics


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