A 75 years old soundboard!

Turning back time to 1938!

One of the most important elements responsible for the quality of the sound on a bouzouki construction, is the soundboard.

After months of research , the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, was able to locate a very old soundboard which has been cut before 1940s, more than 75 years ago!

The luthier recommended an alternative option, in case the appearance of the very old soundboard was not according to my taste. An AAA master soundboard, with tight grain, and bear claw, was my second choice .

But how someone, can refuse such a discovery of a soundboard wood dating before 1940?

Last few days, the luthier also formed the neck ( maniko) using  linden woods with straight tight grains, and old rosewoods.

Old soundboard dated before 1938
AAA Master soundboard with tight grain and bear claw
Forming the A/I Stathopoulos neck


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