A small glimpse

Revealing the beauty!

Just before the last layer of french polishing, and the final application of gomolaka ,the luthier sent me a photo, capturing in a small glimpse, the beauty of the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki.

Giannis is keeping my anticipation in high levels, by not revealing in a complete photo sequence all the details of this bouzouki construction !

I must admit that the journey to create this last instrument, passed through a lot of revisions and re-designs.

Partially responsible for this last attempt, to revive a Stathopoulos instrument, apart from the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, (whose passion and knowledge on the pre-war trichorda, is remarkable), is a friend fellow blogger Pikinos http://pikinos.blogspot.com/)

This great enthusiast of the old rebetiko era, in one of his comments, when I received my Politiko bouzouki, he wrote:
-Bravo, you found your Stathopoulo!

His phrase had a metaphoric meaning, translating to:
-Bravo, you found your holy grail! 

as for most of the bouzouki enthusiasts of the old rebetiko era, possesing a Stathopoulos instrument,  is a wild dream come true!

His phrase reminded me the extended unsuccessful research I have done for some time, to locate and posses an Anastasios or Ioannis Stathopoulos bouzouki, in a good condition, taking in consideration my limited budget.

Reviving an A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki, by the hands of the researcher and luthier Gianni Tsoulogianni, will not give me exactly the sound of an 100 years old, authentic Stathopoulos instrument.

But it will get me very close to the feeling of the pre-war era, to the sound of the bouzouki instruments with the mandolin step on the soundboard, the 64 cm scale, the thick neck, the small bowl, the round sound-hole, and the wooden rosette.
All these elements will contribute to influence my technique of playing the trixordo bouzouki, in a completely different style and repertoire of how I played until now.
And at the end, this is exactly what an authentic  Stathopoulos bouzouki would have done on me!.


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