Two famous luthiers, one worthy successor!

And the 7 strings bouzouki !

When I first decided with the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, to create a unique bouzouki instrument following the exact specifications of bouzoukia made by the famous cousins Anastasios and Ioannis Stathopoulos, I could never imagined  how close this attempt will bring me  to own one of the most balanced and beautiful bouzouki instruments I have ever seen, or designed.

How could this attempt go wrong?
-Using the measurements from one of the best (if not the best) bouzouki makers of the Greek traditional lutherie, Anastasio Stathopoulo
-Inspired by the aesthetics of his great teacher, Ioanni  Stathopoulo
-Executed by the hands of the researcher and talented luthier, compatriot of the Stathopoulos family, Gianni Tsoulogianni.

The journey for Giannis was long, and lasted 9 months. From constructing a special mold, using the exact measurements of an original A. Stathopoulos bouzouki which he  had in his possession, to:  finding  old, tight grain, Indian Rosewoods and amazing quality Curly Maple woods owned by an old violin luthier, discovering a 72 years old soundboard, ordering tuning machines and special wooden fillets from USA &  Australia, and placing an old German tailpiece, which was part of a Dimitri Mourzino mandolin, this bouzouki instrument is nothing less than an intense work of Art!

Giannis sent me the final photos, after the last layer of french polishing has been applied!
From any angle I examined  this instrument,I  find myself  enchanted and captivated by its beauty.
The fret markers have been placed on the fret-board exactly at the same position  as on the original  A.Stathopoulos instruments

The A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki carries 7 strings!
Two for the kantinia (Re)
Two for the middle (La)
And three for the mourgkana (Re)

The first information I have from the luthier regarding its sound is that this bouzouki produces a mellow, warm, balanced, with broad frequencies, rich sound, with an unbelievable soft playability.
The  luthier during the following weeks will record a sound sample.Stay tuned !


  1. πανέμορφο!! περιμένουμε και τον ήχο λοιπόν.. καλή χρονιά να έχουμε :) :)


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