The Mourtzinos tailpiece

And the two course bouzouki!

The luthier, Giannis Tsoulogiannis, informed that he finally got in his possession a very old German mandolin tailpiece, which belongs to a vintage ,ebony body, mandolin made by the famous luthier Dimitri Mourtzino 

The tailpiece will be cleaned and nickel plated , before the luthier install it on my A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki.

Waiting with great anticipation the final tuning of this pre-war instrument, I started to change my repertoire, by introducing in my play list, songs mostly from 1930s era.

Politiko bouzouki is a great representative of that era, as its tambour timbre, gives a more nostalgic sound.

Following a quick recording with the Politiko of the famous Markos Vamvakaris song :" Bouzouki mou diploxordo " (my two course/ strings bouzouki)


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