Selecting a 25 years old sitka spruce

And the two wooden knots !

As I have mentioned  on earlier posts, its well know that one of the most important elements responsible for the quality of the sound on a bouzouki construction, is the soundboard.

After an intense research , the luthier Giannis Tsoulogiannis, was able to locate a very old sitka spruce soundboard which has been glued together 25 years ago! The luthier estimates that the age of the soundboard must be much older.

Giannis recommended few other alternative options, in case that the appearance of the very old soundboard didn't fit to my taste. 
An AAA master soundboard, with tight grain, and bear claw,  and a 26 years old soundboard with wider grain stripes, were two of my other options.

Fortunately, the 2 small knots carried on both sides of my choice soundboard's width, where much further away from my Zozef style bouzouki dimensions. 

Alternative option of sitka spruce tone wood

Alternative option of sitka spruce tone wood

The 25 years ago glued sitka spruce tone wood

The luthier is measuring the width of the bouzouki top, on the
 old sitka spruce tone wood

Luthier has cut the rough shape of the soundboard


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