The mother of all pearls

A step before selecting the old master grade sound-board!

Giannis Tsoulogiannis, finalized the unique sound-hole creation by the use of natural white sea-shell.
I am very excited to finally see the completion of the Zozef's style soundboard decoration.

Next, the luthier will  sand and scrap inside-out the walnut bowl,  and select the spruce wood, which will be used for the creation of the 1950s style soundboard.

Two pairs of black and white fillet stripes will run diametrically to the soundboard, following and completing the look of the 1950s golden era soundboard decoration.

The luthier asked me to choose between a new AAA- master grade -tight grain-sound board and a very old spruce wood.
After experiencing the highest sound quality produced by playing the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki  (made by Giannis and carrying a 1938 years old spruce soundboard), the choice at the dilemma : new master or very old,  was extremely easy.

Natural white sea-shell decoration of the sound-hole
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