The beautiful sound is back!

When a tetrachordo, sounds sweet as a trichordo!

Yesterday night I visited my first cousin at his house for dinner, who has done an ACL knee repair surgery.We decided to record a quick sound clip with my new Giannis Tsoulogiannis bouzouki.We chose to record the beautiful Tsitsanis song, "Oταν στα κεντρα σε πηγαινω" (recorded in 1947)", even tho neither one of us, knew its music tones and accords.We checked a little on the Internet and after locating the song's accords, we decided to give a try.
We never got it right, and after a while it became so hard to stop laughing on each others mistakes, as you can see at the end of the video,...but we really had a blast!
Today early in the morning, as I was listening the sound clip in my camera, I got "in-love" all over again, with the beautiful sound of Giannis Tsoulogiannis' creation.
Just couple of days after my last recording, the sound of my bouzouki has reached the fullness and beauty of its original stage.
What a great achievement I thought, when a tetrachordo bouzouki, can reproduce such a sweet, full and clear sound, similar to the good, old trichord0 bouzouki sound of 50s!


  1. Hi Spyro,

    your last posts are great!

    To make you (even) happier, the sound of your bouzouki is much better than the sound I heard when I played it.

    Of course, at that time I was already amazed by its sound, and now, I am more impressed by its sound evolvement.

    It's more "rounded" and there is a better "skasimo" of the pick.

    I see that you have already commented on Gianni's blog, so I guess you are already aware of my bouzouki's videos.

    All the best,

  2. Dear Fotis,

    yes, its realy amazing how Giannis, can create bouzoukia with such a unique and beautiful sound at the same time.
    From his early bouzouki creation of the old honey color mouria, to my tetrachordo, to your beautiful mouria trichordo videos his just posted, I have a really hard time to choose which one I like the most!
    Great instruments with a great, full loud sound!

    Warm Regards
    Kales penies!


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