Evaluating my bouzouki

Part 2: Sound

As I had promised, I recorded a quick sample of my bouzouki sound, which I am posting together with my final review on Giannis Tsoulogiannis creation. Haven't played an instrument for more than 2 years, limited my ability to choose and play a more complex song.

Due to the long trip and for security reasons, the instrument traveled un-tuned for 7 days.It will take a week or so, until the sound reaches the quality levels the bouzouki had before leaving Giannis Tsoulogiannis workshop.

From the first even day my instrument arrived, I noticed the great ability to sustain the tunes over time.

Clean, deep sound without any hoarseness, dullness, or traces of flat metallic tone.The first day, became hard to tune the thinner string of FA(F) on the tuning machine, and my thicker string of DO snapped.

The first two days the sound of the 2 RE strings had a great chap(skasimo), but wasn't full and had traces of a flat metallic tone.The 2 strings of LA had a small dullness and they were lacking the beautiful characterized sound they had produced at the video Giannis Tsoulogiannis sent me from his workshop.

As the days are passing the RE strings start to produce a more clear sound and the traces of flat metallic tone are disappearing.The LA strings start to produce a more full, deep beautiful sound, more close to their initial stage.

Giannis inform me that he stands behind his instruments, and he will cover any expenses, in any time the bouzouki will need some adjustments.I feel really secure and happy that, the next time I will post another audio sample, not only my skills, but also my bouzouki sound will be greatly improved.

I would characterize Giannis Tsoulogiannis instruments as creations faithful to traditional design, with respect to the natural treated materials and with a very unique and beautiful sound.They are not the glamorous perfect finish instruments with a lot of abalone on the sound board, and a dye walnut bowl.Each instrument is unique because you can identify on it, the mystical rite of the luthier taming the old woods, through the traces of small imperfections, which at the end are adding to the natural beauty.

Recorded through a Canon camera SX120 IS, after an exhausted day at work.
Sounds of LA-RE

Egw magkas fainomouna (Mixalis Genitsaris -1937)


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