A label from the past

In research of an old tailpiece!

Giannis sent me another close up photo, of the beautiful carved rosette.

As he is working on my pre-war style trichordo bowl, I found the time & inspiration, to design an old style luthier's label, which will be placed inside the instrument at the end of its construction.

Inspired by old bouzouki labels, and after taking the approval by the luthier, I finally created a style which could have been used by a maker back in 1900's.
I am always fascinated by the great details and aesthetics,that some of the early bouzouki labels have.They look like, small masterpieces of art!

I am also in research of finding an old 6-8 string tailpiece, which will match the look of the pre-war style bouzouki. I have my eyes on eBay, in case that an inexpensive vintage mandolin, with beautiful tailpiece, will be listed the following months.


  1. Γεια σου φίλε μου memories καλά να περνάς!!!

  2. Geia soy Spyro! Nomizw tha pigaine kalytera to onoma toy giannh na einai mesa sto banner, ekei pou twra leei kataskeyh. Dokimase to...

    Bravo gia oli tin douleia pou ginetai edw mesa, me ta desings gia ta trixorda. me to kalo na to ftiakseis.. na paroume k emeis seira gia ena mesopolemou.. xaxa


  3. Geia sou file Foti,

    tha to dokimasw,(euxaristw gia thn protash sou)...molis simera eida to sxolio sou.
    Ksexnaw na koitaksw sxolia, kai gia auto arghw panta na apanthsw.

    Kai vevaia tha xarw na se dw kai me ena mesopolemiko!!!


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