Tonis Maroudas

The first song I ever played!

Back in Greece, at my family's house, we had two musical instruments:
A violin and a classical guitar.
It was never an option, getting a folk instrument, especially a bouzouki!

If I remember correctly, the first time I asked my father to buy a bouzouki , at the age of 10-11, he pointed at the classical guitar, which was standing at the corner of the living room area.

He took me by the hand, picked up a music sheet (παρτιτούρα) from his desk, and show me the basic accords of the first song I ever played on a musical instrument.
"Kαι η βάρκα γύρισε μόνη" (the boat returned without the fisherman) sang by Toni Marouda (lyrics Thanou Sofou).

Today, I received a package from my father, containing the original music sheets of my first song, dating more than 50 years ago, which brought me back to so many memories!

I though to share with you the photos of the original music sheets, and a video with the song.

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