Layers of the heart

Waiting for the next photos!

I spoke today with Giannis, who informed me that, he will send new photos from my pre-war bouzouki construction, tomorrow.

Torturing my tetrachordo bouzouki these past few days, and as I am waiting for the next steps of the trixordo creation, I wrote another amateur song!

"Τα φυλλοκάρδια" (Layers of the heart), is an extract of a real event and a life's experience, which happened almost 15 years ago . The music needs a lot of work as this is the basic musical composition without any instrumental "fills" and "responces" on its melody.

The luthier has to hurry up, if he doesnt want me to fill up my blog with tens of amatuer songs! LOL

In the meantime, I hope this song will keep you company!

Τα φυλλοκάρδια


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