Out of the mold

Into my heart!

Today, the luthier sent me 4 more photos, after finishing the instrument's bowl.
I am looking forward to the next weeks, when the bowl it will be cleaned, sanded and scrapped, so the beautiful black lines of grain, running through the amber-color old mulberry staves, will become more profound.
This specific characteristic of the mulberry woods is what made me decide to use it, in the creation of my pre-war bouzouki.

The luthier and I, these days,we are discussing the option to change the original order design, regarding the fillets around the capping strip (kollantza), from wooden marquetry to a tortoise shell strip.


  1. Καλό μήνα φίλε memories με υγεία και πολλές όμορφες αναρτήσεις!!!

  2. Με τα ματια στραμενα στον σκαφτο μπαγλαμα σου , ευχομαι Καλό μήνα !

  3. have been searching high and low for an english translation or higher resolution image that is translatable! can you help me?

  4. If you could email a readable sized copy of the music to jamessimmins@yahoo.co.uk that would be amazing - I was also hoping to find an English translation if such a thing exists...

  5. sorry - it is the music for 'i varka grise moni' I was hoping to find...

  6. Done James!I hope you enjoy.

    If you are playing an instrument and you will record this song and upload it on youtube, send me the link to post it in this blog!

    Take care

  7. Fantastic Spyros, I really appreciate your help with this one! I never thought I'd find the music for this song!


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