A patent takes elements from the past

Concave strips, similar to the  Renaissance and Baroque guitars !

Sun-shower, as I am driving on Turnpike North, early Wednesday morning 

I would like to take the opportunity and thank all the fellow friends who participated in the recent poll, regarding the unique construction and design of kitharobouzouko.

From the results it is obvious that the majority of voters would prefer, a kitharobouzouko with dimensions very close to a tear-shape half-bouzouki and a unique design, similar to the original patent.

I have taken in consideration the idea, to create a curved flat back with concave strips (staves) , similar to the  Renaissance and Baroque guitars.

From the other hand, Tasos Theodorakis is at the final state of the Politiko bouzouki creation, raising my anticipation to see the final concept completed, and hear its sound.

I am expecting the last set of photos, during the following weeks, and hopefully a video recording of its sound somewhere in the middle of September.

The instrument will be shipped somewhere in the middle of October when the daily sun-shower events, and the high levels of humidity will drop dramatically.

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