Patent revised

In the middle of a brainstorm!

A little free time, gave me the opportunity to come up with different approaches, regarding two main parameters of kitharobouzouko design .

First, I will have to answer the question if kitharobouzouko dimensions, will be more close to guitar's dimensions (see images 1 to 4), or  will follow the form, and body-flow of a tear shape miso-bouzouko (see image 5)

Second, if the overall design  will follow a bouzouki style of 50s  (see image 1)  a unique style (see image 2), a guitar style (see image 3),or  a modernized style (see image 4).

I created a poll, asking the friends of this blog, to register which of the following shapes and styles, in their opinion, is the favorite one.

Your feedback is always welcome in comment section!

Image 1. Kitharo-bouzouko, with close to guitar dimensions/style of 50s

Image 2. Kitharo-bouzouko, with close to guitar dimensions/unique style

Image 3. Kitharo-bouzouko, with close to guitar dimensions/guitar style

Image 4. Kitharo-bouzouko, with close to guitar dimensions/modernized style
Image 5. Kitharo-bouzouko, with close to miso-bouzouko dimensions


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