Seen the Politiko bouzouki for first time!

And the creation of a unique miso bouzouko-tzoura!

Politiko bouzouki order.Created by S.Dimis (c) 2011

During the two years of blogging , I designed and posted numerous concept ideas of miso bouzouka and tzourades.

My Politiko bouzouki,the oriental design tzouras, and the inspired by Jovan Tsaous, tampouro-tzouras, were up to now my favorite ones.

But the unique design of baglama, which I posted on September 22nd of 2011, meant to become the inspiration of a very unique miso-bouzouko design with scale of 63-65cm.

If the tampouro tzourado, the kitharobouzouko and the Politiko bouzouki, were some of my most unique designs, this latest concept idea, surpasses in uniqueness, every other idea of the past.

I will need to start saving some money, if I wish to see this design in flesh and bones one day!

Main characteristics of this concept, is the unique bowl shape, which will need the construction of a special mold, the unique concave strips (staves), the very unique sound hole shape, a unique rosette design which covers just some part of the sound hole, a unique tail piece, unique fret markers , and a unique headstock.

Almost a week before the end of the summer, and a couple of weeks before the completion of my Politiko bouzouki by the hands of Tasos Theodorakis ,I am finally posting the original Politiko design , I sent to luthier almost a year ago.

Except the unique bridge, which will be revised to a more simplified shape, (to serve a better sound quality), someone can identify the detailed work, the loyal capture of the design, and the quality materials which the luthier used to create this instrument, following in every step my original design.

And above everything a very reasonable price, which Tasos asked for the creation of this unique instrument!

I strongly recommend , to the friends of this blog, who are thinking to order a custom made instrument, to give to luthier a call!

And if someone would like to see, possess and carry, one of my 200 and plus unique bouzouki designs in flesh and bones, Tasos Theodorakis and Giannis Tsoulogiannis, are the two luthiers, who have the right to construct such an instrument.

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