Era of Elegance - The Baroque Era

From 1880s, back to 1700s!

 From the 1950s tetrachordo, to the 1920s trichordo

Tasos Theodorakis informed me yesterday that,  a new set of photos will reach my inbox e-mail,  by the end of the week.

My anticipation to see and hear the Politiko bouzouki, has reached its highest level, since it has passed almost a year, from the day I designed its shape and materials.

After receiving my Politiko trichordo, by looking the three bouzouki instruments, someone, will be able to easily identify, the complete journey of this entire blog:

From the golden era of 1950s, to the old rebetiko era of 1920s, to the 1880s era of bouzouki's ancestor. Three instruments,... almost 3 years of blogging!

When I started this blog, I never thought that this journey will drift me so far back in time!
My initial purpose was to stop somewhere in 1950s with the creation of my tetrachordo bouzouki, by the hands of Giannis Tsoulogiannis.

But the more I researched, the more my hunger for knowledge, and my inner need to express myself creatively, grew.

My latest miso-bouzouko design, has shifted the time journey, back to 1700s and the Era of Elegance ... The Baroque Era.
The latest instrument will be built with the fantastic assumption that, during the Baroque era, an unknown  luthier  was asked to construct a Greek half-bouzouki instrument.

The blog from its initial attempt to  have a close look into traditional lutherie, has started to transform, to a science fiction blog!!!

I will take my chance and follow my instinct! Who knows...maybe at the end I will be facing the construction of the three string Pandouris  (4th century B.C.)


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