275 grams of soul !

A legend is re-born !

The talented luthier,  Andreas Delliossent me today photos, after finishing the instrument's bowl and neck.A really remarkable work by Andreas using the highest quality of old woods

The bowl has been be cleaned, sanded and scrapped, and the beautiful lines of grain running through the yellow-color old mulberry staves, have become more profound.The tear shape bowl weights only 275 grams !

The luthier selected a 25 years old AAA master grade spruce for sound board with extremely tight straight lines of grain

The neck constructed by 7 pieces of quality wood (laminated): Left and right the luthier used very old  hard and rugged maple wood with very dense molecule, then 4 layers of maple wood in the format of veener with 0.5 mm thickness in natural color, and painted black  color for further resistance and decoration, and finally a 1 cm thickness of strong padauk wood for resistance to strings' tension.

For the head-stock the luthier used linden wood which is light, durable and stable while at the same time suitable for headboard to balance the weight from the tuning keys and to not ad this way additional weight to the neck.
The head-stock will host a beautiful flower decoration created by natural sea-shell.

Finally Andreas  paid extreme attention in lining the interior of the bowl.
He used two strips of rigid plastic belt, with strong resistance which prevent the detachment of the staves in the event of a fall or external hit on the instrument. He finalized the lining by gluing stripes made by a  special covering paper between the connection, for further strengthening of the staves and for better transmission of the sound waves.

As the Poliiko bouzouki Version II takes little by little form, Andreas Dellios is proving with his latest bouzouki construction, that he is a really a very talented lutherie, whose name, although not included between  the names of the  most famous luthiers of Northern Greece, has absolutely  nothing to envy from the famous ones, ranking him as a worthy successor of Politiko bouzouki,... an instrument which in 2012 raised very high the bar of aesthetics, sound, and quality ever made by a Greek traditional  luthier


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