The Art of Butterflying

With the wings of Psyche (Soul)

 I have to admit that  in his latest bouzouki construction, the luthier Andreas Dellios, is showcasing highest levels of craftsmanship and great aesthetics in design.

The Politiko bouzouki V2 is carrying a very unique sound whole,  and a wooden rosette with floral motive , inspired by another talented artist,  and a remarkable sculptor Leonidas Spanos native of the beautiful Cyprus.

Peripherally to the sound-hole the luthier has constructed a beautiful natural sea-shell decoration highlighted with a black fillet around its shape

The pick-guard has been made by a deep-color, old Rosewood.
Once again the luthier pays great attention to detail,  by adding black and white fillets around the pick-guard.

Finally the  main decoration theme of the Politiko bouzouki has been executed exceptionally

The Politiko bouzouki Version II, carries a beautiful female figure with butterfly wings. Is the Greek goddess Psyche (Soul- Ψυχη)

Psyche (pronounce: SY-kee) is a former mortal woman and goddess of the soul in Greek mythology. She is the wife of Eros (Cupid). She is always pictured with butterfly wings.

The myth of Psyche and Eros is probably one of the most beautiful Greek myths; it has been told and retold in several different versions and it has inspired artists all over the world.

Andreas used exceptional quality natural materials as abalone and white sea shell to create the stunning beauty. A remarkable, unique theme perfectly cut and engraved by luthier.


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