The beautiful soundboard

Version I  VS  Version II!

Andreas Dellios sent me today more photos from the completion of his beautiful Politiko V2 soundboard!

After cutting, fitting, and gluing the old rosewood pick guard on the soundboard, the luthier tuned the top with its braces using his experience hands and ears. 

Quite different from the original, this Poltiko version has been inspired by luthier's tear-shape bowl and carries round-shape elements and lines 

-The radial shape rosette , has been replaced by a very unique floral rosette created with beautiful maple wood

-The V2 pick-guard carries an elaborated design of the butterfly-woman (Goddess Psyche ).

-The triangular shaped binding fillets of the original Politiko,  have been substituted by semi round natural sea-shell decoration.

The sound-board of the original Politiko bouzouki ,made by the hands of the talented Tasos Theodorakis, marked by many as the most beautiful aesthetically soundboard ever made for a bouzouki instrument.

Andreas Dellios more and more, through his photos and his construction progress brings to light the creation of a new myth and the birth of another perfectly made, bouzouki

When two talented luthiers from the Northern Greece, are constructing two different forms of bouzouki instruments, with different features and techniques, but with the same skills, love, inspiration, and insistence to perfection, the results are expected to be... simply great!


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