The Tear Shape Politiko Version II

Passion and dedication !

The talented luthier Andreas Dellios sent me today photos,  showcasing the first construction phase of his unique Politiko bouzouki. 

This bouzouki instrument carries a beautiful, tear-shape bowl, with dimensions close to meso-bouzouko

The staves have been made by very old, Greek, mulberry wood, and the capping strip by a deep color, Indian rosewood. 

The capping strip will carry decoration following the same motive as the binding strips around the soundboard. 

This unique and very detailed Politiko version will carry an unusual  sound hole shape,  inspired by the work of the  great artist and remarkable sculptor Leonidas Spanos.

The rosewood pick-guard will be decorated by a beautiful and difficult in execution design, made by natural abalone and mother of pearl.

Finally,  the tail piece and the head-stock will be custom made creations by the luthier, showcasing a floral theme, using also carving technique. 

It is really amazing the passion and dedication which Andreas is showcasing in this last creation !

Stay tuned as the beauty of the Politiko bouzouki by the hands of Andears Dellios will be unfolded step by step,  the next months. 


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