A masterpiece, played by a master!

And the time turns back to 1928!

As I had promised, I am finally posting a Special recording from the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki just before its long overseas trip.

Giannis Tsoulogiannis, completes the journey of the 1910s A/I Stathopoulos creation,  in the most appropriate manner!Bravo Gianni !
Nothing on this recording is being compromised!
The master musician and bouzouki virtuoso Mr Aggelakos, transports us back to the old Rebetiko  era  through an amazing song, written by Jack Gregory 's (Xalkias "O Xeftilis" ( recorded on 1928 in USA)

As the dusk arrives  inside the dark workshop, the player, next to his heavy/sweet Greek coffee,
gets lost by the sweet bouzouki melodies every time the pick  hits the  multiple strings of  the Mourgana.
Enjoy !


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