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Bouzouki designs with bizarre theme!

After careful consideration of friends and followers' suggestions /encouragements, I return to "Memories" posting what I love the most from the Greek Traditional Lutherie and especially from the bouzouki making.:"Bouzouki designs"

Sometimes during the design process  I end up with  bizarre concepts which do not pass the "Quality  Test".
I still keep most of them inside my designing drawer, reminding me what I should avoid the next time I create a concept.
Surprisingly from a very bad idea, a good one may come.
For this post I pull out of the drawer three of the unsuccessful attempts and two of the successful ones

My first attempt  inspired by an owl (koukouvagia), created for a wide tear shape bowl.

The second one illustrates the back of a tampourobouzouko bowl (ebony/mulberry) inspired by the shields of the Baroque era.

The third one is being inspired by the violin sound holes, on a regular tear-shape bowl.

Usually my inspiration comes from very simple shapes. 
The tear shape bowl for example  is being my favorite for the last two years in design.

Inspired by Giovan Tsaous famous tambour I created a tear shape tzoura with cedar soundboard, and walnut / old mulberry woods for the bowl.

Last but not least, a tear shape Tzouras with flower/ leaf theme.


  1. Γεια σου Σπύρο,κουκλιά όλα φίλε μου!!!

  2. Γεια σου Γιωργο μαστορα!
    Περιμενω με αγωνια τα αποτελεσματα των πειραματων σου, στο θεμα κατασκευαστικων στοιχειων και ηχου ενος οργανου!


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