Strings and quality of sound

An important task for the best sound quality!

Changing the strings on our bouzouki every 3, 4 or maximum 5 months (depending of how many hours/per day we play our bouzouki), is an important task which we should not forget, and one of the main factors in the production of the best quality sound for our musical instrument.

The new strings, from the moment we place them on our bouzouki, need approx. some hours up to couple days of playing, until they can reach their best sound quality.

After this time frame, and depending  on external factors as : the humidity or dryness of the environment, if our hands sweat easily and frequently, if we swipe and clean the strings between and after each use, if we apply string lubricants (as fast-fret) before storing the instrument, if we store the instrument inside the case or open in a well balanced and temperature/humidity monitored space, the strings will start to deteriorate, loosing little by little their ability to produce their best sound quality.
Be sure to change your strings one by one avoiding to de-tune all the strings together at the same time, and releasing completely the pressure/force which the strings apply to the bridge, soundboard and neck.
By de-tuning all the strings together at the same time you risk to damage your instrument's sound board and neck, next time you will place and tune the new strings on it.

Personally when I need to replace strings, I de-tune and change them one by one starting from the outer strings, going to the inside ones.
First I replace the lowest RE (kantini), after the thicker RE on top (mourgana). Following the second lowest RE (kantini), and then the thinner top RE (under the mourgana).At the end the remaining lower LA and finally the upper LA (for a trichordo set up)

After replacing your old strings with new ones, you will be able to hear the sound of your instrument crisp and clear, but you will still be missing the quality and the depth of your strings timbre.
As the hours or the days are passing, you will be able to hear your strings producing a more sweet, crisp, deep, and mature timbre.This is the point where your strings have reached their best sound quality.

Usually for me, this top sound quality lasts approx. one month (depending of the environment's temperature and humidity levels, and how many hours I play per week)

After one month, the sound of my strings start to become more dull and deep, with a metallic, hoarse, husky timbre.The crispiness and sweetness of the sound starts fading away.

I am listing three sound examples, showcasing the difference in sound quality my instrument produces from the first day I put new strings up to 3 months later.

Recording at the  same day I installed new strings

Recording with strings 2 months old

Recording with strings 3 months old


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