Capability of Multi-stringed bouzouki

And the Politiko Version II !

Art work inspired by David Prudhomme's prizewinning graphic novel Rebetiko

Giannis Tsoulogiannis informed me for the completion of french shellac's last layer application on the A/I Stathopoulos bouzouki.
He also adjusted the head-stock (karaolo) to be able to host 6 (2-2-2), 7(2-2-3),or even 8(2-2-4) strings.
Probably, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Stathopoulos bouzouki instruments constructed  as multi-stringed instruments, customized by their players.

On another note, some sudden financial responsibilities, made me take the decision to put the Politiko bouzouki up for sale.
At the beginning the reason was the  creation of a Politiko Version II. This second version carefully designed using decorative and structural elements closer to the taboura instrument, creating a better representative of how a hybrid tabourobouzouko would look and sound back in the years of 1880s.

Candidates for this second attempt were 3 luthiers, each one for his own unique reason.
1. Tasos Theodorakis. The creator of the original Politiko bouzouki, delivered an amazing, exceptional, and perfect in every aspect, bouzouki instrument. I could not ask for anything more.
2. Giannis Tsoulogiannis. The creator of three unique bouzouki orders, knows as the palm of his hand, exactly what I want, and what I am expecting from a custom instrument. His sound always will be one of my favorite ones.
3. Andreas Dellios. A new addition to my favorite "underdog"  luthiers. Andreas, has the talent to deliver instruments created with beautiful, raw, untreated woods, and with aesthetics and feeling of the old bouzouki era.

The  creation of the Politiko Version II, will have to be postponed for an indefinite period.

Followers who have purchased "The Art Book", had only positive comments to say, regarding this new version.
The design and multiple variations of it, have been included recently in the book's collection.
As a reminder, I will continue updating the collection of "The Art Book" in my free time, which  has surpassed recently the 400 illustration designs. 


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