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A list from the heart!

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From time to time I have mentioned in this blog, names of "underdog" luthiers, who have piqued my attention and interest,  by their bouzouki creations and their unparalleled passion in traditional Greek lutherie.

Each one of them holds unique talents, skills, and great love for the traditional lutherie
Here is a list without order:

Giannis Tsoulogiannis:
The talented luthier constructs mainly trixorda instruments with a great, full, mature, sound quality.He is using quality materials and old woods. Suitable for bouzouki players who are looking for the early Zozef 1950s style era, or a historical reproduction of 1910s-1920s bouzouki instrument.

Andreas Dellios:
A luthier with high aesthetic view, creates instruments using untreated, wild, natural woods. With his instruments appearance and sound, he can transfer you back to the years of Peiraiotiko Rebetiko 1930s-1940s era. Specialized in "mother of bouzouki" bowl shapes (mpouzoukomanes) and beautiful tear shape bowls

Petros Zaranis:
This luthier (and gifted musician), is faithful to traditional instrument making, with great moral character, beautiful sound, and very economical prices.Some of his bouzouki / tzoura shapes are closer to oriental style.

Kostantinos Tsopelas:
A luthier with  high aesthetics and beautiful finish, creates instruments with unique personal designs. He has the talent to incorporate Byzantine decorative elements, in a modern way,using high quality materials and top quality natural sea shells.Luthier's web site was down the last time I checked, but he maintains a Facebook webpage.

Dimitris Andreou:
A luthier characterized by his ethos and the selfless pleasure to publicly share his knowledge on instrument making. His bouzouki creations made by expensive, high quality materials without any compromise in his work. He constructs trixorda and tetrachorda bouzoukia with great sound and beautiful, rich decoration.

This luthier enthusiast with high morality values and ethos, has created only few bouzouki instruments. But his creations characterized by the unsurpassed finish, highest quality materials and woods, precision, and perfection. Another must see luthier!

Giorgos Isidorou:
This luthier apart from his great and beautiful bouzouki creations, will surprise you with the unconditional  love and passion which he possesses for the Art of lutherie .Also with his restless motivation to explore and discover all the technical laws governing the science of instrument making, in a ceaseless search for the perfection in sound quality.

Nikolaos Fereos:
A luthier who has nothing to envy from the master luthiers' work. From construction to finish, his instruments are beautiful pieces of Art.With a great sound, Nikolaos creates trixordo instruments inspired by the old Rebetiko era, and the earlier hybrid era (tabourobouzouka).He is a frequent member of and forums where you can find posts of his musical instrument creations.

Kostas Zarkadas:
Last but not least, a talented luthier who experiments with unique tear shape bowls and unique materials as water-pumpkin for bouzouki  bowl. His creations are influenced by the old rebetiko era and the  hybrid era , carrying simple wooden decorative and producing a beautiful sound. He  also performs bouzouki repairs.He is a frequent member of forum where you can find posts of his musical instrument creations.

And of course they are a lot of master luthiers who I also admire as:

Tasos Theodorakis:
The creator of my Politko bouzouki, makes instruments with exceptional finish, great nostalgic sound, and a solid but at the same time light construction which will last for a life time!

Jannis Alexandris:
Great master luthier, and gifted musician. I have been inspired by his instruments and the "Politiko" aroma most of his creations have.

Nikos Fronimopoulos:
Precision, precision , precision. This gifted master luthier with unmatched aesthetics, has elevated the Artistic lutherie into a thesis of a high-end science.

Panagiotis Kafetzopoulos:
His whole attitude towards life, and his bouzouki creations, makes him  stand out as one of the top master luthiers in Greece (for trixordo bouzouki) with exceptional artistic view, and custom creations from an era we are all longing. Unfortunately the luthier doesn't have a website. In forum or someone can find contact information regarding his physical address and telephone number.

Isidoros & Andreas Papadamou:
Papadamou family creates instruments with great characteristic sound.With a profound knowledge on
woods and sounds, and with great variety in designs and bouzouki shapes, someone can find instruments from the basic trixordo bouzouki to the exact historical replica  of the unique Giovan Tsaous tabourobouzouko.

Xristos Spourdalakis:
Master luthier with a multi-annual experience in traditional lutherie and a characteristic sound, he combines high level aesthetics, unique designs, high quality woods, and implementation of new technologies in bouzouki durability as the use of carbon-fiber.

Giorgos Karellas:
Master luthier, with beautiful simple designs , excellent finish, and a beautiful, mature trixordo sound. He creates also interwar style trixorda. His web site is easy to navigate, and his prices include a hard-case, strings, picks and shipping cost for delivery all over the world.

Giannis Karvounis:
Master luthier with characteristic beautiful sound. He creates tetrachorda and trichorda, but I mostly like his tear shape deep tzourades and the old style trichorda inspired by Zozef decoration and style.

Dimitris Rapakousios:
Last but not least, a Master luthier with very unique aesthetics, and a beautiful,  characteristic sound. Inspired by the old rebetiko era, Dimitris Rapakousios is using only the best and hard to find old woods, creating instruments  with unsurpassed beauty and distinctive identity.


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