Equazion of the Sound

An extremely complex system of oscillations, and resonances!

An old musical box:Created with 3d software by SDimis

To my question "What parameters in bouzouki construction are responsible for the final tone and sound of an instrument?" a topic of the Rebetiko Forum gives me the answer:

"From the thickness and hardness of the top, the shape, size, and arrangement of the braces, the position of the bridge over the soundboard, the sound hole in relation to the volume of air, the woods been used, flexibility of the neck, the hardness of the bridge and the bone, the size and the shape of the soundboard and bowl over the length of the strings, the final hardness and thickness of the varnish, even the kind of strings the instrument has"

In a similar conversation I had with Gianni some days ago he told me:

"Everything is a combination of factors as, weight of the instrument, height of the bridge , length of the string, materials and woods will be used and many more.
Someone can create a good bouzouki even from building boards!

Good materials help the maker to create an even better instrument.And of course each bouzouki maker has his own characteristic sound .With the same materials luthier can produce a completely different instrument.Think about the classical guitars which are usually being made of a standard size and materials. All of them should sound the same if the final sound of the instrument was depending totally on the materials have been used during the construction."


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